Creative Kāpiti Project:

Summer Music In The Parks

Project Lead: Jenna-Lea Philpott
Project contact:
Project Status: Complete
Start Date: January, 2021
Delivery Date: March, 2021
Sponsors: The Local Scene, Island Audio, Kapiti Coast District Council

Summer Music in the Parks was developed in response to Covid-19, offering employment for those in the Kapiti music industry (whose tours and gigs had been cancelled for much of 2020) and helping to grow skills and capability. The public were invited to picnic in a park for an early evening concert featuring 3-4 bands/solo acts. Five free concerts took place in parks along the coast and were well received by the public. More marketing and a sound shell were enthusiastic suggestions received from the public.

The project was a collaboration between Creative Manaaki, The Local Scene, and Island Audio made possible with a Covid funding grant from Kapiti Coast District Council. It employed three part-time staff experienced in technical,  marketing and management skills for the duration of the project.

We are looking to build on this project by providing more outdoors music opportunities in 2022. If you are interested in sponsoring a summer music series, get in touch with us at  These concerts offer fantastic brand recognition and alignment with community values.