Creative Kāpiti Project:

Beach Art Kāpiti

Project Lead: Jenna-Lea Philpott
Project contact:
Project Status: Development
Start Date: September, 2022
Delivery Date: October, 2022
Sponsors: Kapiti Creative Communities Scheme

Beach Art Kāpiti is a community arts participation event that includes 5 artists inspiring us with their designs. Due to Covid, this event was delayed and will now be taking place from Friday 23 September – Sunday 9 October.

With support from the Kapiti Creative Communities Scheme, we are excited to launch the annual Beach Art Kāpiti event from 23 September – 9 October 2022, after twice being cancelled previously due to Covid restrictions. We invite everyone to head to the beach in their own time this Spring to create beach art, gifting to other beach goers and back to the ocean at high tide.
* Sand art can be as simple as writing a message in the sand, creating patterns, mandalas, or pictures with your rake and other garden tools.
* Environmental art can be placing shells and other found items at the beach in patterns or however you like.
* Driftwood art can be about making shelters, or sculptures – whatever you wish!
Individual and group designs can be photographed and uploaded to the Beach Art Kapiti page. The photo with the most likes will win a $200 gift voucher from Artel!
We also have a range of professional artists who will inspire us with their creativity over the two weeks, using nothing but what they find at their local beach and the humble rake or broom.
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