“A lot of people don’t realise my work is collage and mistake it for paintings” says Anthea Weir, one of 600 members in the Creative Manaaki industry group and currently exhibiting a selection of works at Robert Harris, Coastlands, in Paraparaumu. We caught up with Anthea for a chat about her creative practice and learned about her dream collage project and more.


Let’s talk about your passion for collage. How long have you been doing collage and why is it your preferred art form? 

I started collaging about 4 or 5 years ago. It began as a small project and grew into a business. I love that it combines my passion for painting and graphic design. A lot of people don’t realise my work is collage and mistake it for paintings. It’s cool so see someone step closer and realise they are looking at torn up magazines with layers of paper, all carefully placed. 

With such varied subjects in your collage, ranging from the Queen to Dr Martens, how do you choose your subjects?

Inspiration on what to collage jumps out at me all the time. It’s often something I have an interest in or am reading about. I have a real soft spot for Dr Martens and figured others would too. It took me a long time to complete them but I was pretty pleased how they turned out. It’s often at the very end and when I put on the final touches that the collage comes alive. 

What is your dream collage to make one day? 

If HRH Queen Elizabeth asked me to collage Paddington bear having tea with her, I’d jump at the chance…that Queen and that Bear, what an amazing combination! 


Who are your favourite artists that inspire you in your work? 

Being on social media allows me to take in other artist’s work. I always give them a ‘like’. I know I appreciate it when someone takes that time for me. One of my favourite artists is Sari Shryack (not_sorry_art). She has her own style and creates paintings with lots of strong strokes and colours. She inspires me to be bolder. I also have to mention Grahame Sydney because he was a big inspiration for my paintings.

Do you have a favourite piece currently exhibited in Robert Harris?

I love the Tui and Fantail combination. It has an abstract background that I created using new collage techniques. I did an online workshop with my daughters so it also has warm memories attached.