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Sandra Smillie Solo Exhibition

Art for Everyone Programme – Curated Gallery Exhibtion
Introducing Sandra Smillie, artist, designer & curator. With a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art History and a Bachelor of Design Degree in Interior Architecture, Sandra is passionate about landscape design and architecture and uses mixed media and digital technology to create her art.
Sandra’s current solo exhibition ‘Borrowed Time’ features various porohita (circles) created from a layered mix of photography and abstractions of text and images from her ancestors. In 2020, Sandra completed a series of digital works based on the exploration of her family history from South Taranaki, or Aotea. A series of nine circle prints were created and five of these original designs have been repurposed with handmade stencilled letters, spelling out the name AOTEA in black and gold – the colours of Taranaki.
Viewing: Sun – Wed, 8:30am – 4:30pm, Thurs – Sat 8:30am until late at GORGE, Ōtaki. Sandra Smillie Art Studio
Original Inheritance series Porohita | $180 each or 3 for $450 or 5 for $625. Borrowed Inheritance series Porohita with letters | $210 each or set of 5 for $900.