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Liz Stretton Solo Exhibition

Art for Everyone Programme – Curated Gallery Exhibtion
Turning a love of art into formal study at The Learning Connexion, Liz Stretton is at her happiest when immersed in creating personal responses to the natural world with paint and colour. Her new solo collection of artworks in response to climate change and its consequences has just opened at Robert Harris Coastlands.
“The art is about air, water, fire and their increasingly dramatic impact on Earth’s ability to sustain life” says Liz. “But I also aim to express hope for the future and, with our help, faith in the planet’s ability to adapt, evolve and regenerate.”
Liz’s artworks are held in private collections in London, Australia and New Zealand and she has previously exhibited in group exhibitions at the Creative Manaaki Gallery in Kiwibank as part of the Art for Everyone programme.