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Clay Expressions Exhibition

Clay Expressions exhibition is now open at Kāpiti Gallery, featuring work by the  Kāpiti Arts and Crafts Society pottery group members, including guest artist Storm Davenport.

Storm, a painter and sculptor, has spent fourteen years exhibiting throughout the Wellington region and greater North Island with work being held by many collectors both nationally and internationally. Showing work her in galleries, art shows, fundraisers, community events and awards, she has won awards in both painting and ceramics.

Specialising in ceramic sculpture, she works from her home studio in Paraparaumu Beach where she has a gallery open to the public by appointment. Her work is inspired by ancient lost civilizations, and traditional firing techniques used to create refined but rustic artworks that tell a story.

From small wall-hung works to seven foot tall outdoor sculptures her works include:

  • The Warrior series: life sized warrior heads, breast plates and weaponry
  • Oceanic Life series:  with whales, sharks, stingrays, jellyfish and kina
  • Animal series: white Rhino, bulls, war horses, buffalo, bear, warthog, mammoth, bees
Pottery group exhibition and sale of work at Kāpiti Gallery, 192 Matai Road, Raumati Beach from 10 am – 3 pm, Thursday to Sunday.