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Studio Reset Encaustic Art + Anthea Evelyn Design Exihbition

Grab a cuppa and bite to eat at Robert Harris, Coastlands, Paraparaumu and be surrounded by original artworks from Studio Reset Encaustic Artist and Anthea Evelyn Design. This Art for Everyone exhibition features subjects familiar to many.

Kim Kobialko’s artwork reflects her three passions of beekeeping, photography, and encaustic painting. With sustainability as one of her key focuses, Kim works through the time consuming process from scratch; harvesting wax from her beehives, making encaustic medium and then painting with it in up-cycled or re-purposed substrates, such as an old wooden platter to create nature inspired compositions. Using heated beeswax mixed with a tree resin, adding coloured pigments and then pasting to a surface is an ancient technique from Egypt dating back to 100-300AD. Kim’s artwork is held in private collections throughout NZ, Australia and Canada and she is represented in galleries nationwide.

Anthea Weir is passionate about art, design and illustration. She enjoys creating images that people love and are proud to own. After studying art, she trained as a graphic designer. Anthea enjoys fusing illustration, art and design and creates sophisticated collages, as seen in this exhibition. Each is meticulously put together using recycled materials, reflecting her love of turning trash into treasure.