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2022 Design & Arts Festival

Celebrate design and creativity through the sharing of stories of our place in the world, our people, our creative skills and our aroha and connection with each other. Design thinking and practice is an essential part of all the creative industries. The Value of Design to New Zealand identified in 2017 that ‘if design were treated as an individual industry, its contribution to the New Zealand economy would be larger than agriculture ($8.1b) and on-par with retail trade ($10.6b).’

Festival values:
Pūrākau – telling our stories of creativity, our place in the world, our people.
Aotūroa – creative exploration and taking risks.
Rangatahi – nurturing our young people along the creative pathway
Whenua – identity and belonging, honouring our physical environment and being guardians for future generations.

Festival events:

Design In Practice
Design Your Own
Art In A Window
Design For Everyone
Tohora Community Art Installation
Beach Art Kapiti
Art in a Park
Community Arts

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