Calling artists, designers, musicians, film makers, writers and all creative practitioners,

In partnership with Creative New Zealand, we invite you to this rare workshop opportunity to discuss…How do we bring about higher and more sustainable incomes for those working in the arts and creative industries? 

This workshop underpins one of the reasons for the formation of the Creative Manaaki industry group, which has grown to 440 members – to strengthen creative connections and increase creative incomes. It is an extension of our September 11 workshop discussion, where we explored what needs to happen to enable a flourishing arts and creative industries sector.

Earlier this year, research commissioned by Creative New Zealand and NZ On Air identified that the majority of creative professionals had difficulty making a sustainable living from their creative practice. A Profile of Creative Professionals calls for a new response. Creative New Zealand is seeking your feedback on six principles and action suggestions. The six principles are that artists and arts practitioners:

1. feel their creative practice is valued and regarded as ‘real work’
2. are remunerated fairly for their work
3. are well positioned to adopt a portfolio approach to achieving a sustainable career
4. are prepared for a career in the arts and cultural sector
5. can access support to grow and develop a sustainable career
6. careers contribute positively to their wellbeing
So join us for this rare opportunity to join the regional and national arts conversation together and please feel free to circulate this invitation to your creative colleagues in Kāpiti, Porirua, Horowhenua, Whanganui and Manawatu.